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Tuesday Feb 12,2019

Double Bubble

Warm Up:
:30 jump rope
:30 jump rope
4x 5 push-up + 5 air squat
:30 jump rope
10 OHS w/ pvc or wall squat
:30 jump rope
Partner Over head stretch on rig 2x :15 each

Warm up for snatch & discus scaling options for BMU

25 Double Unders
5 Power Snatch 115/80
25 Double Unders
3 Bar Muscle Up

**Scaling for the bar Muscle Up**
1) Scale reps or 3 attempts
2) Jumping Bar muscle Up (if athlete can do strict ring dip)
3) 6 CTB Pull-up
4) 10 Pull-up, banded pull-up or Ring Row (no aussie or jumping today)  

Core AF:
3 rounds
15 GHD or weighted sit-up
15/12 cal row
:30 Handstand hold or overhead plate hold

0% 0%

Will6+27  jumping BMU -- worked on turnover
Tasha6+30  Singles. Ring rows and push ups.
Corinne4+56  Yay got muscle ups back!
Mike5+30 Rx 1rd: c2B x12/ 1 rd c2b total: 11 mu
Kristel4+56  SU/DU mix—burpee/jumping pu
Jessica2+17  Burpee pull-ups
Keisha5+30  RR/pushups
Christy3+58  DU, 80#, burpee pull ups
Tiffany6+28  65#/burpee PU/ SU
Linzee5+28  SU, 65#, burpee juming PU
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